Surrendering, Soothing and diving deeper

I offer massage sessions coloured by Chinese Traditional Medicine, a map that accompany my path since 2005, and by connecting to the Source, the Earth, subtile energies, guides and helpers.

You can choose between :

  • Shiatsu treatment : a deeply relaxing therapeutical massage that rebalances the energy flows in our body to preserve health and let go of emotional blocages learn more
  • Thai-yoga massage : a realaxing and energising session that increases body flexibility and awareness ~ learn more
  • Kashmiri massage : a cosmic dance, sensual and intimate, that liberates the vital energy flow in our whole being. Surrender to the here and now and have a taste of infinity.
  • Chi Nei Zang : an abdominal massage (part of the Chinese Traditional Medicine’s tools) particularly useful to release hidden emotions and to ease digestive troubles.
  • Tuina for kids & baby massage

If you are looking for channelling sessions or rituals, you will find more informations about the way I work on the “Soul healing” page.

To book a session or for more details, contact me : 
anais (at)