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I started my training as a professional massage therapist in 2005. I was working as an economist for a political party and was looking for more sens and serenity. I also wanted to feel more useful to others. I was 24 years old at that time. « Be the change you want to see in the world » said Gandhi.

I first studied shiatsu, with Sensei Yuchi Kawada, founder of the Yoseido Shiatsu School in Brussels for 3 years. Then, in Thaïland, I learn thai-yoga massage, the traditional Thai massage, with Itzhak Helman, professor emeritus of the Sunshine Network founded by Asokanada.

Much more than massage techniques, these two disciplines are an endless source of learning and humility.

After the birth of my first child in 2011, I became interested in baby massage and the power of shiatsu as a facilitator of pregnancy and childbirth. I organize workshops for future and new parents, in baby massage,  shiatsu for pregnancy and birth, and tuina for kids.

In 2012, I started the incredibly interesting study of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tuina at the Centre d’Etudes Appliquées et de Recherches de la Haute Ecole Libre de Bruxelles Ilya Prigogine, with professor Elizabeth Martens. Traditional Chinese Medecine broaden and sharpen my perception of energies' circulation in the body.

In 2014, I studied Pediatrical Tuina, with Elizabeth Martens, a powerful traditional chinese massage for children aged from 0 to 7 years old.

In 2017, I start to follow the teaching of Daniel Odier and got got introduced to the ancient tradition of massage, danced meditation (Tandava) and philosophy of Kashemerese Tantra.

On my personal path, I follow many workshops and retreat of yoga, danse, mindfulness, tantra, creative intimacy, Liquid Body Touch, chamanisme, sacred femininity, foot thai massage, sophrology...

Working with the body for the past 12 years has been a gateway to channelling and more subtil energy work. I also offer Theta Healing session (a form of channelling) by phone, skype or in presence.