A creative explorative space for children of +/- 4 to 7 years old, every monday, in 108 community.

All activities aim to accompany and empower our children in their explorations and connection to themselves (body and energy awareness, self-love), others (empathy, cooperation) and their environment (care for nature and receptivity). 

These activities are offered according to the interests of the children and the group energy. Freeplay time is also important. If a child wants to explore more specifically something, she/he will be able to do so as long as she/he can be in the same space as the group.

Our values

Acceptance and respect of each of us (rhythm, boundaries, sensitivity), respect of the Earth, the elements, plants and animals, nourishing joy, love and care, learning by doing, diversity.

When :

From 9.30 am to 2 pm.

In the morning, we meet between 9.30 and 10.00 in the big wooden house at the entrance of 108.


Cento-e-Oito (108), in Vale Rodrigo, between Vale Bacias and Tamera.


  • Dance & authentic movement
  • Body wisdom (meridians stretching, auto-massage, massage)
  • Inner landscape (visualisation, meditation, chakras)
  • Art & craft (creating objects, painting, drawing, singing)
  • Free play time and trampoline ! 
  • Exploration in 108’s Sacred Valley (beautiful forest and lake)

What to bring

Comfortable clothes + shoes to explore the wilderness (not flipflop)

Pic-nic for lunch in a backpack easy to carry while walking (we provides the snacks and drinks)P

Registration or 966 486 923

Space holder and co-creator : Anaïs, mother of Nelson (7) and Anouk (5), massage therapist, dancer, channel, journalist on natural parenting issues and ecology, photographer.