Theta healing

Channeling sessions

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Our co-creative potential is infinite and when we ask for help and open our heart and surrender, we are guided with infinite love by the universe.
I am honoured to support you on your path towards yourself and towards Light.

Through Theta Healing we have the possibility to :

  • understand a situation 
  • free ourselves from our limiting beliefs 
  • understand and untie a physical, psychic, emotional, karmic blockage (on an energetical level)
  • clean a place on an energetic level 
  • ease relationships that are difficult in your life 
  • get our soul fragments back and liberate ourselves from those of others that we carry along 
  • communicate with our higher self, guides, ancestors, deceased people
  • attract our soul family
  • receive new abilities …

During the session. I serve as a channel and as a witness. Information and healing are given by the Universe, the Source of All That Is, God, or whichever name you are more familiar with.

I use tools I gathered on my path as a Theta healer, a shape shifter, a traveller between realms and on my own on-going healing journey.

Spiritual healing that helps us to understand our path of life and ease physical healing when necessary. Spiritual healing is not a substitute for medical or psychological care.

During the session we are in constant contact and feed-back. You also receive informations through your body (sensations, emotions) or in the form of images, sounds, smells. You are asked to be receptive and open to what is, to what emerges in you, to allow yourself to feel without trying to understand with your mind.

Practical informations

I offer phone sessions and sessions in person. I call you on a mobile phone number or through Whatsapp, Signal or Skype.

A session lasts approximately 1h30 (depending on what happens, it can be much shorter or much longer).

We can do one or several sessions according to your needs. It is important to take an integration time between sessions. It is your responsibility to contact me when it is the right time for you. I am always available to answer your question after the session by email or SMS.

It is not necessary to send me a picture of you. The connection is done even if I do not see you or do not know you.

The session is for you, not for another adult. Sessions on kids are done through one of their parents.

Please contact me by email on anais(at) to set an appointment. Thank you to give me a contact number, to specify your intentions and your availabilities.

The exchange of energy is done by conscious donation by bank transfer or paypal, according to your possibilities and the length of the session :
– if you enjoy a regular flow of income in your life : 50€ minimum
– if you need financial support or if the session is for a child : conscious donation

You are loved, you are love.

En français