Birth Keeper

Marie, waiting for Pierrot (2016)

Pregnancy and birth are the most powerful portals of our life.

I humbly accompany your way to parenthood, through all phases.

My path is the one of traditional midwifery, long walked by witches, wise womyn, medecine womyn, doulas…

I offer :

Holistic pregnancy care :
emotional support, guidance on good practices and alternative medicine, shiatsu for pregnancy and birth, herbal remedies, practical information, birth preparation, soul work.

Blessing way :
a powerful and loving ritual co-created and held with your soul family.
To bless and celebrate you and the birth to come,
To deeply nourish you with the loving presence and energy of your loved ones,
To get transmission from mothers, share deep ancient wisdom, tips, laugh and chocolate,
To weave a precious support circle that you can rely on during your post-partum.

(December 2022)
(December 2019)

Support for partners : individual and group support, sharing circle’s organisation.
As a queer birth-keeper, my support is inclusive and heartfully open to the LGBTQI+ community.

Home birth support

Pierrot, the first birth I attended in 2016 as a photographer and a shiatsuki

Post-partum care : oil massage, shiatsu, practical information and guidance on alternative medecine, emotional support, rebozo (with one or two doula sisters), and networking to other professionnal (for breastfeeding, etc.)…

Intimacy and sacred sexuality : transmission on conscious sexuality for couple

Conscious fertility & contraception : empowering transmission on the feminine menstrual cycle and how to dance with it.

Pierrot and Marie

Contact me for all practical info and for set up a meeting (online support also available) :

Marie, waiting for Pierrot
During my training as a traditional midwife with Ruth Ehrhardt, Samara Hawthorn and Alex Alonso (2019)
with a happy mother and my teacher Samara Hawthorn (2019)
with Ruth Ehrhart, one of my teachers, midwife, mother, writer and founder of True Midwifery (2019)