Beautiful darkness – grief rituals

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BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS ~ rituels de deuil
Poésie & dance video
2021 – 2022

Since the first day of spring,
in Mars 2021,
I have performed a serie of spontaneous grief rituals.

At first, there was no words.
Grief expressed itself first through movements.
An irrepressible need to dance the pain

My body, my voice,
gave shape to the energies in motion,
in the spontaneity of the instant.

So I danced.

Then came words.
They flooded me in the car, at the kitchen table, they woke me up at dawn.

Words flowed out of me, like gestures were moving my body.

What will come next?

Poems :

Layla #1 – I wish – July 2021 (english)
PTSD Shit release – Août 2021
Layla #3- Golden Milk- Octobre 2021
Layla #4 – Ce jour là Octobre 2021
Triana #1 – Silencio – Octobre 2021
(Interlude) – Octobre 2021
Layla #5 – je veux têter- Novembre 2021
Bitch Butch Blues – Novembre 2021
Layla #6 – I am two months old – Novembre 2021 (english)
(Interlude II) – December 2021
Beautiful Darkness I – Février 2022
Beautiful Darkness II – Février 2022
Printemps – mars 2022

todos os poemas são traduzidos para português no livro

92 pages – A5


Triana #2Octobre 2021 (text in french, dance video under the full moon)

#3 – May 2021 (dance video)
Music : Gustavo Santaolalla – De Ushuaia A La Quiaca

#2 – April 2021 (dance, video)
Music : DakhaBrakha – Specially for you

#1 – March 2021 (dance, video)
Music : DakhaBrakha – Specially for you

Audio abstracts :




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