Soul Care

tailored altar for a Soul Care session

We are the mirror as well as the face in it.
We are the tasting and the taste this minute of eternity.
We are pain and what cures pain, both.
We are the sweet cold water and the jar that pours.


Our co-creative potential is infinite.

When we ask for support,
when we open our heart and surrender,
we are guided with infinite love by the Universe, the Source of Creation, All That Is.

As an humble channel and witness, I am honoured to support you on your path towards yourself, towards your essence.

The sessions are tailored for you by the Source, through us, with what is alive and rising in the moment in your heart-body-mind-soul, in your energectical field and your surrounding environment.

I use different tools I gathered on my path as a traveller between realms, a shape shifter, a Theta healer, and on my own life-long healing & learning journey.

During the session, we use our sensoriality and extra-sensoriality to receive information and transmutations that help us to understand a situation from a higher perspective and bring movement in our stuckness.

We may :

untie physical, psychic, emotional, karmic blockages (on an energetical level) to ease relationships that are difficult in your life and transmute energetical cords

release entities

communicate with our higher self, guides, ancestors, deceased people

clean our home, workspace or any place, on an energetic level and raise the frequency of this space. 

reclaim the soul fragments we may have lost on the way and liberate ourselves from those of others we carry along 

open ourselves to a receive inspirational visions and disclose, unveil, abilities we did not knew we had…

tailored altar for a Soul Care session

During our time together, we are in constant contact and feed-back, like a conversation but in a deep relaxation state (alterated state of conciousness, non-ordinary reality, theta brainwaves).

You shall receive informations through your body (sensations, emotions) or in the form of images, sounds, smells.

You are asked to be receptive and open to what is, to what emerges in you, to allow yourself to feel without trying to understand with your mind.

Please note that if spiritual work helps us to understand our life path and ease physical condition when necessary, it is not a substitute for medical or psychological care. For me it is a complementary tool to body work and therapy.

tailored altar for a Soul Care session
tailored altar for a Soul Care session

Practical informations

I offer phone sessions and sessions in person.

A session lasts approximately 1h30 (depending on what happens, it can be shorter or longer).

We can do one or several sessions according to your needs.
It is important to take an integration time between sessions.
It is your responsibility to contact me when it is the right time for you.

I am always available to answer questions that may rise after the session.

It is not necessary to send me a picture of you. The connection is done even if I do not see you or do not know you.

The session is for you, not for another adult.
Sessions on kids are done through one of their parents.

Please contact me by email , Telegram, Signal or Whatsapp, to set an appointment. Please mention : your intentions, your availabilities and a phone number.

Energy exchange :

sliding scale according to your financial reality :

children under 16 years-old : 35€
balanced contribution : 50€
supportive contribution 70+€

(if you experience financial scarcity, please reach out)

How to send your heart gift ?

By paypal :
(please chose the option : send money to a person you trust / friend)

or by bank transfer :
IBAN : BE71611018197169

You are loved, you are love.

tailored altar for a Soul Care session – 2020

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