& e-motions perceptions

My invitation for today is to take moments to slow down your movements and drop into body sensations.

You can suspend your gestures for a second, for a breathe and resume what you where doing but in a very slow motion for a minute, just for a minute.

A minute a few times today.

Why slowlyness ?

Because our mind can’t follow slowlyness, real slowlyness when a witness can barely perceive that you are moving. So slowlyness support your essence and your body to be at the front of your experience.

I am doing it as I am typing. I never tried with the phone. It’s very hard because of the stimulation of the screen*. So I recommend doing it with other activities, like making tea, walking, washing the dishes (ecstasy of water sensation on the skin, sound, slow), gardening (earth moisture, warmth or freshness, crispy sounds of leaves, song of the plants, flower eyegasm, life sprouting, crawling, insects sounds… ), playing a musical instrument…

Even if you are indoor all day, take a moment to really meet a wall, a cup, any object, with your hand (one hand).

Put all your attention and slowlyness there. Close your eyes, breathe freely, meet.

Meet with your skin, enjoy, welcome the instant before your skin really touch it, when the encounter is already happening beyond your physical perception (atoms meeting, reshuffling… maybe you can sense the illusion of separation, of boundaries between us and the rest, between your skin and this object).

Touch with the same slowlyness.

Being with this object, in a suspended instant in time.

Explore pressure, feeling your hand flesh and bones against this object, and release until the pressure of the touch suits you. Maybe it’s very fine skin touch, maybe there is more weight given in the contact (use gravity not muscle force).

Stay just enough not to think about what you are doing.

And release, unless another movement rises and the exploration continues.

You can try with a big object, like a door or a wall, the ground, your bed, so you can engage bigger body parts, whole arm, front body, head, hips, back… Whatever you feel like exploring, starting with a specific body part.

Having a little contact impro dance with the wall, but without the technic, just with breathe, body sensation, presence.

This is love making

This is dance

This is presence

Welcome to the realm of soul in body.
Soul embodied.

of pure endless infinite possibilities of exploration.

of Oneness

Try exploring only with the air circulating in your body. Melting into these sensations, the micro movements accompanying your breath and induced by those sensations when you become body, when you let body be (which is then for me tapping into soul, essence).

* about phone : Still I try, while writting this text, pausing. Feeling the repetitive little agressions on my thumbs’ flesh. Trying to slide instead. Noticing my spine posture, neck, shoulders, breathe. Inviting gentle movements into this task. Researching how can I invite body pleasure while texting? I am dropping into what my body is experiencing and making it softer. Interestingly, it is very challenging. Changing position. On-going research…