My journey

I grew up by the Alps, in a mixed-heritage family, with French and Cameroonese roots. Childhood’s challenges were balanced by nature, dance, books, animals, and by faith (a mix of Christianism and Animism I was bathing into, and later as a teen Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism).

Here is the short fast-forwarded version of my devotion to bodies, souls and dance, starting in my mid-twenties when I encounter deep grief & shiatsu.

Bodies as a gateway to heart & soul

I always felt a strong call to be at service, in an attentive and compassionate way, to contribute to more consciousness & shifting paradigms.

I started learning therapeutic massage in 2005 while working in politics in Brussels. I was looking for a more authentic & intimate way to relate and contribute.

Sensei Yuichi Kawada

The sudden loss a dear childhood friend in March 2003 gifted me Zen shiatsu. First as a support to navigate the deep grief and life-shifting experience her death brought. Then as a practice, a map, that I studied for 4 years with Sensei Yuchi Kawada, founder of the Yoseido Shiatsu School in Brussels.

Practising shiatsu, an with it zen meditation, became an holistic path of self-knowledge and regulation, a strong gateway to more body-heart-mind-soul consciousness and to subtle energies.

In 2008, I learn Traditional Thai-Yoga massage, in Thailand with Itzhak Helman, master from the Sunshine Network (founded by Asokanada) assisted by Zoltan Gyorgyovics. Later, I got introduced to Dynamic Thai Massage by Mateusz Flak.

After the birth of my first child in 2011, I started exploring shiatsu as a support for pregnancy and childbirth. I organised workshops for future and new parents to teach birth partners how to support pregnancy, birth and post-partum, and how to massage their little one. I also initiated a few midwives to shiatsu for birth.

Professor Elizabeth Martens

In 2012, I started to study Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tuina, with professor Elizabeth Martens (Centre d’Etudes Appliquées et de Recherches de la Haute Ecole Libre de Bruxelles Ilya Prigogine). Traditional Chinese Medicine sharpen my perception of the energetical flows in the body. It is one of my main diagnosis tool.

In 2014, I studied Pediatrical Tuina, the traditional Chinese massage for children (from 0 to 7 years old), with Elizabeth Martens.

Daniel Odier

In 2017, I choose Daniel Odier, Chan master (Chinese Zen), to initiate me to Kashmir Shivaism, through the practice of Tandava (danced meditation) and Yoga of Touch (Kashmiri massage).

His teachings, from the paths of Spanda (path of vibration), Pratyabihihna (the spontaneous recognition of the Self”) and Kaula, echo my animist roots and nourish my experience of touch, energy flows, movement and presence.

Daniel has been the student of Lalita Devi, Kalou Rinpoche, and Thich Nhât Hanh.

Accompanying souls

Working with the body and going through birth initiations opened more and more my receptivity to subtle energies. I had memories of clair-voyance, unity and trance from childhood but as a young adult, I had forgotten most of it.

Shiatsu, meditation and childbirths, opened up my perception’ s gates again.

To understand what I was channelling during some shiatsu sessions, and moved by a strong call to embrace my shamanic-self, I got initiated in 2015 through the Camino Rojo’s ceremonies, rituals and plant medicines. In 2016, in followed a shamanic training with Gertrude Croé (Brussels) in 2016. In 2017 and 2018, I studied Theta Healing with Luna Nurit Nevo and Nicole Sulzbacher (Portugal).

In 2023, just after my father’s death, I started learning Systemic Constellation work with Neta Arzi (Portugal).

In 2017, I started offering Soul Care sessions, which are ritualised spaces that blend all the tools I am been gifted along the way, from channelling to movement, through constellations work and many things with no names that cannot be reduced by words.

My abilities are enriched by each encounter with the subtle realms. One of them is to accompany wandering souls to the Light, to clear auras and communicate with deceased beings.

It is always a blessing for me to witness the abundance of support, love and understanding available for us when we open to our true nature. I am deeply thankful for these connections.


March 2024

In 2016, as a life-long dancer and following my own deep need to dance, I opened a weekly space for movement explorations, inspired by 5Rhythms, called Open Hearts Dance. This space as evolved with me and the local dance community who gathered and took form.

My explorations are coloured by the many inspirations and heart roots I grew through my journey, among which Authentic Movement, Contact improvisation and Butoh (by its strong animist , shamanic and poetic nature), which are ever-lasting sources of bliss, healing and research for me.

I have been blessed to meet on my way Louise Chardon (Body-Mind Centering, Motional, Authentic Movement), Lora Hillel (Authentic Movement, Continuum), the dancing tribe of Ser Vivo, the work of Ohad Naharin (Gaga), and amazing Butoh teachers such as Yael Karavan and Minako Seki.

In 2024, I graduated from Open Floor International as an Open Floor Movement Practice Teacher.

Learn more about my dancing journey.

June 2024
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