Surrendering, Soothing and diving deeper

I offer massage sessions coloured by Traditional Chinese Medicine, a map that accompany my path since 2005, by connecting to subtile energies and invisible helpers, by allowing presence and opening to Oneness.

  • Shiatsu : a deeply relaxing therapeutical massage that rebalances the energy flows in our body to preserve health and let go of emotional blocages learn more

According to what you bring to the healing space, the session may include Chi Nei Zang, an abdominal massage (part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine’s tools) particularly useful to release hidden emotions and to ease digestive troubles, and elements of Thai-yoga massage (to increase body flexibility and awareness).

  • Kashmiri massage : a cosmic dance, sensual and intimate, that liberates the vital energy flow in our whole being. Surrender to the here and now and have a taste of infinity.
  • Tuina for kids & baby massage

I also offer Soul healing sessions that can be a useful support to body treatments, helping us find the deepest meaning of our blocages, and releasing what does not belong to us or what we have outgrown.

To book a session or for more details, contact me : 
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