Let’s allow it to happen

Video by Miriam Schneidewind, April 2023

In April 2023, the film maker Miriam Schneidewind asked me to share my dancing truth(es) in front of “baby red”, her camera. In the midst of a chaotic reshuffling of my life, the moment we spent together was a poetic suspension of time and space. A pause to tap in our essence, in a clic, in the blink of an eye. It became a joke and a piece of truth : just clic down (:
You will find more interviews of dancers on Miriam’s website (work in progress), and the description she wrote about our encounter and my dancing space Open Hearts Dance

I offer different moving spaces for adults :
* Open Hearts Dance
* Authentic Movement
* Senscapes
* blindfolded journeys
* dance meditation classes
…and jams for initiated CI dancers

For upcoming sessions please contact me directly :
+33 7 82 269 919 (Telegram / Signal)
+351 966 486 923
or by email

Here is what you may encounter by stepping in

Open Hearts Dance

Open Hearts Dance is a hybrid conscious dance space, inspired by 5 rythms and Openfloor, and all the influences interwoven inside us and in between, that rise in the moment. In this sense, the space is very much co-created by the participants and their presence in the Now, and can take various expression, from impro theater, to butoh, through contact improvisation.

It is a safe time-space where we can can get in touch with our “inner dancer”, and all our parts, through acceptance and exploration of our emotional landscapes.

We start by guided embodiment explorations (solo, duo, or group), then a big wave of lived-mixed music to journey in-through-with our body-mind-heart-soul, then comes integration with light energy work.

We focus on feeling, experiencing, exploring the movements of our heart-mind-body-soul.

Our breath is our rhythm while music support us.

When we allow it to happen, it is a dance journey to our true essence.

Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free. ” Rumi
(photo 2018)

Open Hearts Dance is an invitation to connect
within and without,
to ourself,
to others
and to what we are weaved from,
what we are weaved with,
what we are weaving with.

No prerequisites. Open to all.

Contact :
+351 966 486 923
or + 33 782 269 919 (T/S/W)
anais (at)
Telegram group link

My mixes to practice Open Hearts Dance at home :

Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement is an organic and powerful healing practice that we can all access and connect to.

It is the raw expression of our truth in the moment, untamed, uncensored, without directions and expectations.

It allows us to meet and move in our inner processes and landscapes, on a psychological, archetypal, emotional, physical, energetical and global level. To meet ourselves on the deepest level.

It is the intuitive practice that we, concious and sensitive dancers, embrace when we are in our intimate space, associated with the magic and healing act of being witnessed, of being held by a protective space and the loving heart of a witness. 

The frame is simple. The “effect” is highly liberating.


Body~Heart~Mind~Soul Landscaping in Nature.

Sencapes is a journey through sensorial explorations, movement and expression, in our outer and inner wilderness.

I guide us to awake our body and senses, in solo, pairs and as a collective moving & sensing body. In this safe and creative container, we dive into the present moment, mapping what is rising inside and all around us, lifting the veils of separation.

Blindfolded journeys

Blindfolded dance is a direct gateway to meet ourselves in a profound and raw authenticity.

In the potent space of darkness, we are revealed to ourselves in full light, encountering the whispers of our heart & soul, our longings, needs, limitations,… A more truthfull way to move and interact emerges.

Without sight, we listen deeper, we free ourself from the need to perform, dance or move in a certain way. Losing outer sight allow us to access what wants to be seen, felt, encountered deeper inside ourselves. Our shadows, fears, restrictions receive the light they are waiting for to be integrated, transmuted or released.

Those spaces are crafted to ensure your physical and emotional safety, to journey into the infinite womb of darkness, remembering our primal instincts of listening and sensing through other channels.

To create a multidimensional space, I invite sensitive soundscapers to co-create the space with me with live music.

Personal practice and research

From Beautiful Darkness, dance video and poetry 2021-2022
Grief ritual, personal practice, prelude to Beautiful Darkness, 2021
Grief ritual, personal practice, prelude to Beautiful Darkness, May 2021
Grief ritual, personal practice, prelude to Beautiful Darkness, March 2021

Spontaneous and quick creation for an assignment of the Open Floor teacher training. Spoken words, nature sounds, movements. February 2022.

Alentejo, self-practice, 2019

while in a small space, in Paris for few days, summer 2017

Photo by Franca Franchi