Let’s allow it to happen

Photo by Franca Franchi

I offer differents moving spaces for adults : Open Hearts Dance, Senscapes, Authentic Movement, dance meditation and blindfolded journeys.
Here is what you may encounter by stepping in

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Open Hearts Dance

Open Hearts Dance is a space where we can can get in touch with our “inner dancer” through acceptance of our emotional landscapes by conscious and liberated movements.

These sessions are a unique blend of 5 rhythms, contact impro, and energetical work, co-created by the participants & the Universe, in a safe container with light guidance and hand-picked live-mixed inspiring music.

We focus on feeling, experiencing, exploring these movements of our heart-mind-body-soul.

Our breath is our rhythm while music support us.

When we allow it to happen, it is a dance journey to our true essence.

Open Hearts Dance is an invitation to connect within and without, to ourself, to others and to what we are weaved from, what we are weaved with, what we are weaving with.

No prerequisites. Open to all.

Contact :
+351 966 486 923
or + 33 782 269 919 (Telegram & Signal)
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Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.


HOME PRACTICE Mixes of Open Hearts Dance on SoundCloud

Blindfolded sessions

With the same intentions as for Open Hearts Dance, I guided you trough a blindfolded journey. Without the sight, we listen deeper, we free ourself from the need to perform or dance/move in a certain way, and we can welcome what wants to be seen, felt, encountered deep inside. Our shadows, fears, restrictions receive the light they are waiting for to be transmuted, released, or integrated.

Those spaces are crafted to ensure your physical and emotional safety.

To create a multidimensional space, I sometimes invite some sounscapers to co-create the space with me with live music.


Body~Heart~Mind~Soul Landscaping in Nature.

Sencapes is a journey through sensorial explorations, movement and expression, in our outer and inner wilderness.

I guide us to awake our body and senses, in solo, pairs and as a collective moving, sensing body. In a safe and creative space, we dive into the present moment, mapping what is rising inside and all around us.

Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement is an organic and powerful healing practice that we can all access and connect to.

It is about raw expression of our truth in the moment, untamed, uncensored, without directions and expectations.

It allows us to meet and move in our inner processes and landscapes, on a psychological, archetypal, emotional, physical, energetical and global level. To meet ourselves on the deepest level.

It is the intuitive practice that we, concious and sensitive dancers, embrace when we are in our intimate space, associated with the magic and healing act of being witnessed, of being held by a protective space and the loving heart of a witness. 

The frame is simple. The “effect” is highly liberating.

My dancing path

I explore dance and movement since 1984 when I took my first dance class at 3 years old. I practiced Ballet for 16 years, Contemporary Dance and traditionnal African Dance as a teenager and a young adult.


In 2000, while being a student in Economics at Sussex University (UK), I joined the percussive band Mabinghiba based in Brighton. I performed with them as a dancer until 2002, when I left for Belgium.

In Brussels, dance was a serious matter when I arrived on the scene. Most dance spaces were adressed to professional dancers and I did not find my place there. So after a few classes of contemporary dance, I changed focus.

As I was studying shiatsu, I turned to Iyengar yoga and Dô-in (meridian stretchs) for some years. I became a shiatsuki, learned Thai-Massage, Traditional Chinese Medecine and practiced Qi-gong… Until one of my shiatsu patient told me about 5 rhythms dance. What a liberation for my inner dancer !

Conscious dance was the push to bring me back to the dance floor. As an intuitive practice with deep healing powers, 5 rhythms suited perfectly my dedication to transmutation and openness.

Being back in deeper contact with my body and sensoriality opened me to the tantric tradition and especially to the bliss of Tandava, a danced meditation from the Kashmiri non-dualist tradition (also called Kashmiri Shivaism), transmitted by Daniel Odier.

I started to practice mouvement more and more by myself as a medecine. My exploration of movement became more intimately linked to my energy work and shamanic journeying. Dancing my emotions through… Breathing and moving with them, through them… Exploring my bodyscape… Until I encounter Louise Chardon and Laura Hillel who introduced me to the frame of Authentic Movement.

Since 2019, I explore Contact Impro, Gaga (with Natalia Vik, with Melanie Sorin at the Tanzfabrik, and online) and started to dive into Butoh. I am a happily part of the Arrabida Gathering’s dancing tribe (SerVivo) initiated by Pedro Paz.

I offer sessions of Open Hearts Dance since 2017 and Authentic Movement practice since 2020.

photo : Franca Franchi
Arrabida dance Gathering 16th – final performance

photo : Franca Franchi