Guided version

Prepare a nice dancing spot for yourself, where you feel safe and comfy, play this track and explore. Repeat as much as you like.

Music : Richard Skelton – The Complete Landings
02 Noon Hill Wood
04 Threads Over The River

Kit for autonomous research

If you don’t like to be guided, here is a music-only track and the text of the Butoh-Fu (danced invitation) :


you are silk
a spider is stretching you very slowly
in the space
each movement leaves a silver trace in the space
as you reach the end
you roll yourself back into a cocoon
in the cocoon you become an unborn human baby
you discover your limbs, your mouths, your hands, the sole of your foot
in the space
your hands discover your face for the first time
your face is ancient
you feel time
you feel all your life under your hands
your hands explore your body
hold, rest, feel
they perform their own ritual of honoring time
on your body
honoring your life