Guided version

Prepare a nice dancing spot for yourself, where you feel safe and comfy, play this track and explore. Repeat as much as you like.

Music : Richard Skelton – The Complete Landings
02 Noon Hill Wood
04 Threads Over The River

Kit for autonomous research

If you don’t like to be guided, here is a music-only track and the text of the Butoh-Fu (danced invitation) :


you are silk
a spider is stretching you very slowly
in the space
each movement leaves a silver trace in the space
as you reach the end
you roll yourself back into a cocoon
in the cocoon you become an unborn human baby
you discover your limbs, your mouths, your hands, the sole of your foot
in the space
your hands discover your face for the first time
your face is ancient
you feel time
you feel all your life under your hands
your hands explore your body
hold, rest, feel
they perform their own ritual of honoring time
on your body
honoring your life


Shiatsu is a therapeutic massage from Japan :
Shi means finger, and
Atsu means pressure.

Shiatsu is deeply connected to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Anma (the traditional Japanese massage performed by blind masseurs).

Receiving shiatsu provides a great relaxation by freeing the flow of energy in the body. A better flow of energy creates a powerful feeling of relaxation and calmness and helps restore the body-mind-soul’s harmony.

Shiatsu helps to relieve common disorders such as :

  • tiredness, stress and anxiety
  • digestive and elimination troubles
  • sleep problems
  • muscle and joint stiffness
  • emotional struggles (anger, sadness, fear, grief, dullness, dispiritedness, heavyheartedness,…)
  • chronic pain and disorders

Shiatsu is a path of self-knowledge, as it brings light to our blind spots and shadows, and regulates our emotions.

Who can get a shiatsu massage ?

Shiatsu is beneficial to all including children and pregnant women.

What happens during a session ?

Shiatsu massage is given over the clothes. Natural fabric and confortable loose trousers (not a jean) are the best to receive a treatment.

A session lasts around 1h30 (sharing + 1h massage + integration time)

The therapist performs a series of pressure, palpation and stretching with the thumbs, palms, or elbows, on the whole body along the meridians.

What is a meridian?

Meridians are energy channels that distribute different types of energy in our body. Energy can be understood as a flow of life that create and activate all the cells of our body (muscles, organs, body fluids, bones, etc.).

Traditional Chinese Medecine, from which shiatsu derivates, has put to light and codified the different types of energies and their interaction in our being.

Stress and unhealthy habits create imbalances in the flow of energy in our being. These imbalances generate emotional troubles, psychosomatic illnesses, chronic disorders or pain.

The shiatsu therapist helps to regulate the flow of energy in the patient’s body by dispersing it or boosting it. A better flow of energy creates a powerful feeling of relaxation and calmness, and helps restore the body-mind-soul’s harmony.

How often should I get a shiatsu massage?

The asian perception of medicine is different from the western one. Traditionnal medecine (including massages) and personal practices, such as martial arts, yoga, dô-in or qi-gong, are used to preserve good health rather than to cure the dysfunctions of the body and mind.

As such, shiatsu is a very good preventive therapy and you are most welcome to get a shiatsu massage whenever you feel the call for it (without the need to treat a specific issue).

Getting a shiatsu massage can be a great support in anticipation of big transition and events in our life (like exams for students) and also to help you to get through those events peacefully. Shiatsu is also recommended to boost your immune system during winter and to help you body to adjust to seasonal changes.

How to prepare for a session?

To enjoy your shiatsu massage, wear comfortable clothes (no tight jeans). Avoid eating just before receiving a shiatsu. You may want to enjoy this relaxing experience by freeing your agenda afterwards or at least not planning too many commitments.

Is Shiatsu recognised as a medicine ?

On 29 May 1997, the European Parliament recognized shiatsu as a « non-conventional medicine of interest » along with osteopathy, homeopathy, naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (resolution A4-0075/97) .

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Thai-yoga massage

What is Thai Yoga?

Thai-yoga massage is a rhythmic and stimulating massage that improves flexibility of the body-mind. It provides a blissfull feeling and deep relaxation. This energizing massage provides confidence in our body and its capacities.

This massage is derived from the traditional aruyvedic Indian medicine, an ancient wisdom old of more than 2500 years. The stretchs provided in Thai-yoga massage are very similar to asanas (i.e. yoga figures).

Receving a thai-yoga massage gives you the same relaxation than a yoga session and improves your flexibility.

What happens during a session?

This massage is a series of stretches, similar to those of yoga that aim to liberate the flow of energy in the body. It relies on energy lines called sen that I will also activate and harmonise through acupressure. Thai-yoga is practice with clothes on in a respectful and harmonious environment.

Traditionally, thai massage last for 2 hours.

Who can receive a massage thai yoga?

Thai-yoga is beneficial to all, especially to those who wish to improve their flexibility, such as elders but also yogis, dancers, etc.

By allowing energy to flow more freely, thai-yoga massage alleviate problematic conditions such as:

  • stress related conditions
  • chronic fatigue
  • anxiety and depression
  • digestion troubles
  • lower back pain

How do I prepare for a session?

For your convenience, avoid eating just before receiving a massage. It is also best to wear clothes in which you feel comfortable.

I’m pregnant, can I get a Thai-Yoga massage?

I do not practice Thai massage on pregnant women but I am experienced in shiatsu for pregnancy and birth. I also organise sessions for expecting couples, to guide partner to massage the mother.

Feel free to contact me to book a session : anais (at)