Unfurling motherhood stories
with Anaïs Tamen & Jade Hamilton
Wednesday 29th of November
10am – 2pm (+ post-space until 3pm)
Monte Maravilhas
São Martinho

We invite you to dive into your womb*, hearing her wisdom and memories.

Exploring and allowing ALL of your stories around motherhood, conception, pregnancy, birth, loss and health.

A 4 hour cocoon for you to be held and witnessed, as you are. 

Through body-based practices, we will guide you to sound, move and speak out what rises in you, in the now, from your depths.

Reservation necessary via : @jadehamilton+351963786506

Energy exchange : 30-50€

More about us :

Artwork : Ashley Blanton

* this space is also open to trans-womyn, non-binary AFAB, and womyn who had hysterectomy.

Beautiful Darkness – dance videos

Triana #2Octobre 2021 (text in french, dance video under the full moon)

Pre-verbal grief danced rituals

#3 – May 2021 (dance video)
Music : Gustavo Santaolalla – De Ushuaia A La Quiaca

#2 – April 2021 (dance, video)
Music : DakhaBrakha – Specially for you

#1 – March 2021 (dance, video)
Music : DakhaBrakha – Specially for you

Beautiful darkness is also a performance and a book, available in French and in Portuguese.

Beautiful darkness est aussi une performance et un livre, disponible en français et en portugais.

Bela Escuridão é também uma performance e um livro, disponível em francês e em português.

I am free

Spontaneous and very quick creation for an Open Floor Teacher Training’s assignment.
Spoken words, nature sounds & drums, movement. February 2022.