Guided version

Prepare a nice dancing spot for yourself, where you feel safe and comfy, play this track and explore. Repeat as much as you like.

Music : Richard Skelton – The Complete Landings
02 Noon Hill Wood
04 Threads Over The River

Kit for autonomous research

If you don’t like to be guided, here is a music-only track and the text of the Butoh-Fu (danced invitation) :


you are silk
a spider is stretching you very slowly
in the space
each movement leaves a silver trace in the space
as you reach the end
you roll yourself back into a cocoon
in the cocoon you become an unborn human baby
you discover your limbs, your mouths, your hands, the sole of your foot
in the space
your hands discover your face for the first time
your face is ancient
you feel time
you feel all your life under your hands
your hands explore your body
hold, rest, feel
they perform their own ritual of honoring time
on your body
honoring your life


Spontaneous solo home dance practice + spoken words.

These words emerged during a dance & poetry session held by Villy Tichkova.

I am not I
I am it
the infinite field of grasshoppers
the infinite ripples of water circles
the infinite song in your mouth

I am it
the wind
the grasshopper
the pebble

I am it
your breathe
my breathe
the eyelids of my babies
opening to the world

the wolf
the deer
the gold

I am it
the unspoken
the bare truth
the raw light of love

I am it
your no
my yes
and everything in between

(25th March 2024)


My skin is the sky*
an infinite shadow of dust, leaves and pebbles. Some feathers maybe. Fallen grace in the absence of gaze. I would remember the sound of joy if you would scream my name.
Home. Nest. My skin as a soft nest for you for me.
I wish you could witness the gold on my heart skin.

(25th March 2024)

Notes :

* this sentence is not from me
** “underskin tatooes” is a reference to Audre Lorde in “Zami, a new spelling of my name”, who describes the memory of her lover as emotional tattoos left on her skin forever.


Unfurling motherhood stories
with Anaïs Tamen & Jade Hamilton
Wednesday 29th of November
10am – 2pm (+ post-space until 3pm)
Monte Maravilhas
São Martinho

We invite you to dive into your womb*, hearing her wisdom and memories.

Exploring and allowing ALL of your stories around motherhood, conception, pregnancy, birth, loss and health.

A 4 hour cocoon for you to be held and witnessed, as you are. 

Through body-based practices, we will guide you to sound, move and speak out what rises in you, in the now, from your depths.

Reservation necessary via : @jadehamilton+351963786506

Energy exchange : 30-50€

More about us :

Artwork : Ashley Blanton

* this space is also open to trans-womyn, non-binary AFAB, and womyn who had hysterectomy.

Bela Escuridão

Rituais-performance de luto com dança e poesia


Unfurling motherhood stories
Sunday 8th of October
Aniche land
(São luis/Pegos/Monte d’Estrada)

Choosing to listen to the Wisdom of your Womb, allowing your own stories of motherhood to unfold.

Anaïs and Jade will hold space for this deeply tender work, to allow you to remember and listen to the stories kept in your depths, in words and movements.

A 4 hour cocoon for you to be held and witnessed, as you are, in your stories of birth, loss, pregnancy, longings, grief, choices, surrendering, delight and joy.

Reservation necessary via :

Jade +351963786506

or Anaïs +351966486923

Energy exchange : 30-40€

More info about us :

Artwork : Ashley Blanton

Rooted in Rooted in Belonging

Grief and Praise Ritual for Womyn*
Held by Anais Tamen and Rivi Marcus

Thursday 5th of October
Monte Maravilhas (São Martinho das Amoreiras)

We invite you to gather in community,
to witness, to tend and give space
to what wants to move through you.

We will explore the different undercurrents of our lives
through movement, grief ritual, and connection to nature.
Our time together will be rooted in Joanna Macy and Francis Weller’s work,
Authentic Movement and earth-based practicing.

Practicalities :

Energy exchange : 50-70€
Please reach out if money prevents you from joining.

Reservations required with Rivi
Telegram : @rivimarcus
or Whatsapp : +17203269290

More about us :

Anais Tamen is a movement facilitator, energy & bodyworker. Her dance spaces invites to presence and to the senses, to honour what is, release & replenish.

Rivi Marcus is a community weaver, a land and human tender, a descendant of wise ancestors, a facilitator, and a ritualist. She came to the sacred landscape of ritual and liberation through her own journey. A journey through ecosystems, listening to people and the land, Joana Macy’s work – to learn and embody what it means to be in right relationship on this planet, in these times. Rivi is passionate about food justice, movement, and nature-based education. She is currently studying with Francis Weller.

#grief #ritual #movement #connectiontonature #earthbased
#saomartinho #odemira #alentejo
#joanamacy #francisweller #authenticmovement

Painting: Lisa Wright

Equinox : autumn ritual

Autumn ritual for womb carriers & womyn
held by Anaïs Tamen & Rivi Marcus

Thursday 21.09.23
Monte Maravilhas (São Martinho das Amoreiras)


EQUINOX : a day of passage, a gate to feel the echoes of nature’s changes within us, the inner & outer transitions, the continuous dance of the elements.

The winds are changing, the air is getting heavier with moist. The land is at harvest and our body is moving slower.

An invitation to pause and create space within to welcome this new season.

We invite you to this ritual, in togetherness and connected solitude, to witness each others in our inner movements, through dance, grief work and nature time, honoring what wants to be harvested.

Reservation necessary.

Infos & booking :

Rivi Marcus : +351 934 449 489
Telegram : @rivimarcus
whatsapp = +172 03 269 290

Energy exchange : 50-80€ (adjusted to your financial reality)

If you experience financial scarcity, please contact us.

More about us :

Anais Tamen is a movement facilitator, energy & bodyworker. Her dance spaces invites to presence and to the senses, to honour what is, release & replenish.

Rivi Marcus is a community weaver, a land and human tender, a descendant of wise ancestors, a facilitator, and a ritualist. She came to the sacred landscape of ritual and liberation through her own journey. A journey through ecosystems, listening to people and the land, Joana Macy’s work – to learn and embody what it means to be in right relationship on this planet, in these times. Rivi is passionate about food justice, movement, and nature-based education

Libido Fundamentals – Open Floor


Open Floor
Embodied Sexuality playshop
with Monika Körschner

23.24.25 February
Alentejo (Portugal)

Dancing with the flow of life force, 
exploring sexual energy as a source of creativity, vitality, presence & aliveness.

A 3-days dive, moving, experiencing & relaxing in being together
in a closed group, 
in the safe womb of Monte Maravilhas’ yurt, 
in the heart of wild Alentejo

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Our creative sexual energy is an essential part of our body’s natural expression and movement potential.  Open Floor LIBIDO FUNDAMENTALS invites us to sense, move and integrate more fully this life force in all areas of your life. 

From the first cells that evolve us into being, to the deep surrender of our last exhale, our lifespan is infused with libido. When sexual energy is acknowledged, supported and expressed authentically, our potential for healing is immense and empowering. We honour our whole self. 

Dance awakens this potent energy in ways that can be electrifying, joyful, overwhelming, frightening, mystifying, and everything in between. Because sexuality is so often underground, ignored, or unconsciously acted out, the exploration of this territory tends to be intense, liberating, intimate and powerful. 

Through Open Floor conscious dance we create an safe, sex positive environment to engage in this complex, mysterious and in-depth investigation with curiosity, mindfulness and compassion. We seek to understand how sexuality is shaped by culture, narratives, and social conditioning, and we explore ways to liberate ourselves as we move towards erotic wholeness


We explore this lively, sometimes latent energy of libido with curiosity and mindfulness using the Open Floor Core Movement Ressources.

We open up physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual terrains of our life force.
Next to intensive movement practices we will explore through related exercises, enquiries, sharings, and specific transmissions to deepen and integrate our experience. 

There is no explicit sexual content or exercises.

Have a little taste of what you may encounter with this introduction film about Open Floor’s work on Embodied Sexuality :


LIBIDO programs are open to all adults regardless of their gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and relationship status. We strive to co-create an environment that is inclusive, curious and expansive, and honours the experiences each person’s presence.

To participate you need some experience with conscious dance forms such as Open Floor, 5Rhythms, Movement Medicine, Biodanza, Open Hearts Dance with Anaïs, etc. This to ensure a base that allows you to deepen your experience. 

Embodied Sexuality programs are for those who :
* are looking to cultivate erotic intelligence and expand their capacity to love life
* are interested in an embodied and healthy exploration of their sexuality
* want to unpack the multilayered dynamics of attraction and attachment, as well as the cultural and social conditioning that inform our personal and collective stories, both past and present
* want to intentionally connect through movement with the source of their desires to experience greater fulfillment and satisfaction in relationships of all kinds
* want to harness the energy of libido for creative pursuits.

LIBIDO FUNDAMENTALS is a pre-requisite to the Open Floor Teacher Training.


Monika Körschner  is an accredited  5Rhythms® and OpenFloor teacher and teaches dance as a conscious practice in the Netherlands and abroad for over more than 20 years. The last 12 years she specialized in Embodied & Conscious Sexuality.

You will find more info about Monika and her work on those pages :
Monika’s website 
About Monika’s Embodied Sexuality workshops 
Video about Embodied Sexuality by Open Floor International 


Dates & Time :
Friday 23/02 : 10am-6pm
Saturday 24/02 : 10am-6pm
Sunday 25/02 : 10am-6pm

Venue : 
Monte Maravhilas
Saõ Martinho das Amoreiras (Alentejo – Portugal)

Energy Exchange :

Prices exclude food and accommodation.

– price before the 15th of January : 218€
– price after the 15th of January : 238€

If you experience financial difficulties, we offer 3 spots on supported price.
Priority is given to local dancers.
If you wish to contribute to the solidarity funds, to lower the costs for those with low income, your gifts is most welcome.

Lunch :

We will share a potluck lunch everyday on-site, in Casa Amarella. Each participant bring food to share. For people coming for abroad, there is a mini-market in the village and we will help to provide what is needed.

Inscriptions & questions :
+33782269919 (Telegram / Whatsapp / Signal)
+351966486923 (local phone)

Accommodation on-site :

10€ / night in your own tent or van. Access to sanitary, hot shower and kitchen.
80€ / 4 nights (Thursday to Sunday nights) in a beautiful shared house Casa Amarella (1 double bed, 4 single bed in twin room). If you want to book a bed in this house, please reach out early.

All over-night guests have access to the swimming pool.

Monte Maravilhas

Registration form

The group is full. We don’t take registration anymore.
Thank you for your interest.

Registration and Cancellation Policy

Registration is required to participate to the workshop.
You are definitively registered when you have filled the form for registration. Then you will receive a confirmation of your registration with the details for the payment, and later you will receive an email with further practical information.

Payment is made by via PayPal or via bank transfer.

Please consider your registration carefully, as cancellation fees apply if you cannot come or changed your mind.

If you cancel, regardless of the reason, the cancellation conditions below apply :

  • At all times, regardless of the reason for cancellation (including Covid19 reasons) : a cancellation fee of € 50 applies.
  • Cancellation less than a month before the workshop : 25% of the workshop price
  • Cancellation less than 2 weeks before the workshop : 50% of the workshop price
  • Early termination of the workshop and/or missing classes : no refund possible.

Please cancel via e-mail, SMS or telephone with Anaïs.

Should there be a waiting list and someone from that list can join, or you find someone to take your spot, you will only pay the cancellation fee of €50.

If there are insufficient registrations, the workshop can be cancelled up to 1 or 2 weeks before the start. The amount paid will then be fully refunded. This also applies if the workshop is cancelled for other reasons.

FB event

Beautiful Darkness – dance videos

Triana #2Octobre 2021 (text in french, dance video under the full moon)

Pre-verbal grief danced rituals

#3 – May 2021 (dance video)
Music : Gustavo Santaolalla – De Ushuaia A La Quiaca

#2 – April 2021 (dance, video)
Music : DakhaBrakha – Specially for you

#1 – March 2021 (dance, video)
Music : DakhaBrakha – Specially for you

Beautiful darkness is also a performance and a book, available in French and in Portuguese.

Beautiful darkness est aussi une performance et un livre, disponible en français et en portugais.

Bela Escuridão é também uma performance e um livro, disponível em francês e em português.

Rooted in Belonging – A Grief Ritual in Movement

Wednesday December the 7th
Sao Martinho das Amoreiras

In these times calling for radical authenticity, we wish to tend the loving courage to go towards what we know is deeply needed. To give time to grieve, rest, heal, and support.

Our offering is a safe space to honor our stories and witness each others

We will travel through our heart’s landscapes, and explore the undercurrents of our life with the practices of grief and movement (inspired by Joanna Macys and Malidoma Somé work, Authentic movement, and other Earth-based practices).

Energy exchange : Sliding scale 30-60€ adjusted to your financial reality (please reach out if you experience financial scarcity).

More infos and reservations :

+351 966 486 923
+33782269919 (T/W/S)

+17203269290 (T/W/S)