Spontaneous solo home dance practice + spoken words.

These words emerged during a dance & poetry session with Villy Tichkova

I am not I
I am it
the infinite field of grasshoppers
the infinite ripples of water circles
the infinite song in your mouth

I am it
the wind
the grasshopper
the pebble

I am it
your breathe
my breathe
the eyelids of my babies
opening to the world

the wolf
the deer
the gold

I am it
the unspoken
the bare truth
the raw light of love

I am it
your no
my yes
and everything in between


My skin is the sky*
an infinite shadow of dust, leaves and pebbles. Some feathers maybe. Fallen grace in the absence of gaze. I would remember the sound of joy if you would scream my name.
Home. Nest. My skin as a soft nest for you for me.
I wish you could witness the gold on my heart skin.

* this first sentence is not from me but from a poem read by Villy, as a start for our own creation.


(another text from that same workshop – not read in the video.The proposal was to list what we have in our fridge. I don’t have a fridge, so here it goes :

If I had a fridge
I would have raw meat for the cats
home-made ice-scream lollies for the kids
and a little jar of something precious and delicious
maybe something to rub on my skin
maybe something to rub on your skin

If I had a fridge
I would put my head there sometimes
And I would save portions of my heart
for later
to replace the ones I left here and there
in the field of water lilies.