Rooted in Rooted in Belonging

Grief and Praise Ritual for Womyn*
Held by Anais Tamen and Rivi Marcus

Thursday 5th of October
Monte Maravilhas (São Martinho das Amoreiras)

We invite you to gather in community,
to witness, to tend and give space
to what wants to move through you.

We will explore the different undercurrents of our lives
through movement, grief ritual, and connection to nature.
Our time together will be rooted in Joanna Macy and Francis Weller’s work,
Authentic Movement and earth-based practicing.

Practicalities :

Energy exchange : 50-70€
Please reach out if money prevents you from joining.

Reservations required with Rivi
Telegram : @rivimarcus
or Whatsapp : +17203269290

More about us :

Anais Tamen is a movement facilitator, energy & bodyworker. Her dance spaces invites to presence and to the senses, to honour what is, release & replenish.

Rivi Marcus is a community weaver, a land and human tender, a descendant of wise ancestors, a facilitator, and a ritualist. She came to the sacred landscape of ritual and liberation through her own journey. A journey through ecosystems, listening to people and the land, Joana Macy’s work – to learn and embody what it means to be in right relationship on this planet, in these times. Rivi is passionate about food justice, movement, and nature-based education. She is currently studying with Francis Weller.

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Painting: Lisa Wright