Womxn sexual & reproductive well-being

On my earthy journey, I have been called to support womxn for their sexual and reproductive well-being. Walking the ancestral path of tantrika and mid-witches, I humbly accompany you for :

Conscious fertility & contraception
empowering transmission on the menstrual cycle and how to dance with it.

Sacred Intimacy
transmission on conscious sexuality (queer friendly, solo-couple-poly friendly.)

dance and self-discovery journeys around the vulva, pelvic floor and womb.

Miscarriage & abortion
practical info, emotional support, closing ritual.

Holistic pregnancy care
emotional support, guidance on good practices and alternative medicine, shiatsu for all stages, herbal remedies, practical information, birth preparation, soul work, support for miscarriages.

Blessing way rituals
a powerful and loving ritual co-created and held with your soul family,
to bless and celebrate you and the birth to come,
to deeply nourish you with the loving presence and energy of your loved ones,
to get transmission, share deep ancient wisdom, tips, laugh and chocolate,
to weave a precious support circle for your post-partum.

(December 2022)
(December 2019)

Support for partners : individual and group support, sharing circle’s organisation. As a queer birth-keeper, my support is inclusive and heartfulfy open to the LGBTQI+ community.

Home birth support

Post-partum care : oil massage, shiatsu, practical information and guidance on alternative medecine, emotional support, rebozo (with another birth-keeper), and networking to other professional (for breastfeeding, etc.)…

Contact me for all practical info and for set up a meeting (online support also available) : anais@anaistamen.com

Pierrot and Marie
Marie, waiting for Pierrot
with Ruth Ehrhart, one of my teachers, midwife, mother, writer and founder of True Midwifery (2019)