flyer yoni-time

Part I : Earth
a 4-weeks journey to dedicate some time & love to your yoni, womb voice and pelvic floor.


Playing with Earth qualities (such as supportive, grounded, receptive, vast, contained, solid, rich)
Yoni-Time~Earth is an invitation to :

  • strengthen our earth centre.
  • get to know ourselves more deeply, more closely, more intimately
  • liberate stagnant or dormant energies
  • infuse pleasure & tender-loving care to our tissues and whole being
  • gain more confidence


Our practice will be based on :

* movement, dance, movement meditation
* yoni work-out : activating our yoni and pelvic floor muscles through visualisation, exercising and breathing.
* relaxation & inner channeling

This is the base of a journey with ourselves, through ourselves that will bring us to the emotional realm (Water – Part II), desire and pleasure (Fire – Part III), mind limitations and power (Air – Part IV).

I designed it in a way that is inclusive and practical :

* inclusive : every one with a yoni / vulva can feel welcome with her/their individuality (age, phase of life / phase of cycle / (non-)gender journey / physical condition, etc.).

* short in time : session last 1h15, so there is no “I don’t have time” excuse and those of us with babies or young children can find some time to join or catch up easily.

* donation-based : pay what you can to join, honoring your financial reality and knowing that your donation also goes to a single mother (:

* possible to catch-up : sessions will be recorded and available for few days within the safety of our group container and confidentiality agreement, so if you miss a session, you can catch up.



Please take a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply and ask yourself how much you can contribute for these 4 sessions, then fill the form below and send some love and this amount through :
Paypal : @anaisopenhearts
– or MBway : 966 486 923


Yes please, sign-me up to the next Yoni-time journey !


Note on gender :
Please be aware note that Yoni-time is a journey through the vulva, pelvic floor and womb, so I will use this terms and we will navigate around these body-parts. The space is not open to cis-men. If you have doubts, please contact me.