flyer yoni-time

Part I : Earth
a 4-weeks journey to dedicate some time & love to your yoni, womb voice and pelvic floor.


Playing with Earth qualities (such as supportive, grounded, receptive, vast, contained, solid, rich)
Yoni-Time~Earth is an invitation to :

  • strengthen our earth centre.
  • get to know ourselves more deeply, more closely, more intimately
  • liberate stagnant or dormant energies
  • infuse pleasure & tender-loving care to our tissues and whole being
  • gain more confidence


Our practice will be based on :

* movement, dance, movement meditation
* yoni work-out : activating our yoni and pelvic floor muscles through visualisation, exercising and breathing.
* relaxation & inner channeling

This is the base of a journey with ourselves, through ourselves that will bring us to the emotional realm (Water – Part II), desire and pleasure (Fire – Part III), mind limitations and power (Air – Part IV).

I designed it in a way that is inclusive and practical :

* inclusive : every one with a yoni / vulva can feel welcome with her/their individuality (age, phase of life / phase of cycle / (non-)gender journey / physical condition, etc.).

* short in time : session last 1h15, so there is no “I don’t have time” excuse (:

* donation-based : pay what you can to join, honouring your financial reality and knowing that your donation also goes to a single parent (:

* possible to catch-up : sessions will be recorded and available for a week within the safety of our group container and confidentiality agreement, so if you miss a session, you can catch up.



Please take a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply and ask yourself how much you can contribute for these 4 sessions, then fill the form below and send some love and this amount through :
Paypal : @anaisopenhearts
– or MBway : 966 486 923


Yes please, sign-me up to the next Yoni-time journey !


Note on gender :
Please be aware note that Yoni-time is a journey through the vulva, pelvic floor and womb, so I will use this terms and we will navigate around these body-parts. The space is not open to cis-men. If you have doubts, please contact me.