Sexuality, Presence & Intimacy Conscious Embodiment

First edition
18-19th May
10am – 6pm
São Martinho das Amoreiras.

🌺Yoni owners edition
🌈 Queer-friendly space

Tailored to the need of the group, please fill-in this form :

Sliding scale
120 – 80 € or swap.

Group limited to 8-10 participants.
Reservation before the 10th of May please.


Intention : a space to nourish our sexual being, to land in what is now : my gifts, my frustrations, my (dis)embodied knowledges, my (absence of) desire, my fears, my limitations, my fantasies,…

With dance & movement, self-enquiry, archetypal work, consent work, shamanic journeying, nature & water time, (he)arty expression, holistic gynaecology & cycle awareness transmissions (according to the group’s wishes & needs).

Including with gentleness in our field of awareness, collective & individual grief & trauma.

Opening for new pleasurable imprints and anchoring, new embodied abilities and knowledges to bring back to your bed (or garden, kitchen table, beach, etc. ).

My intention is also to form an on-going group that grows and researches together. So the space is open as an one-shot workshop knowing that your participation gives you access to next steps.

Possibility to sleep on-site in your own tent or van (10€/night).

Contact, info & reservations :


@openheartsdance on Telegram

Note :

I wish to create closed containers that are nonetheless inclusive and respectful to our diversity. So please reach out if you have doubt whether this space can be nurrishing for you.

There will be another edition addressed to lingham owners*

I am questioning a lot how to combine transmission on anatomy without falling into binarism. Even if I don’t have clear answers, I am aware of my limitations there and research continously to transcend them.

About me :

My intention is to serve with humility collective connected remembrance.

I am aware of my own limitations, projections and woundings.

I am a 43 years old polysexual gender-fluid mother. Experienced in yoga of touch (kashmiri massage). Trained in traditional midwifery, holistic gynecology and zen shiatsu.

I am a dance / movement facilitator with 7 years of experience in holding safe explorative spaces. I offer individual therapeutical space since 2009 for bodywork and 2017 for soul shamanic work.

As an AFAB being with a yoni, my life experience’ spectrum is ranging from trauma to infinite bliss, through all the shades in between.

As an afrodescenant queer being with a “female body” I know about being objectified & over-sexualised, and about systemic oppression and its daily (un)conscious expression.

I have a limited professional experience in accompanying transgendered folks, and quite some personal experience in living with and loving them.

I educate myself on trauma.
I am polyamory-educated and experienced.

I am not a certified sex educator or a sex coach. If you need one, I have very good profesionals to recommend in the area.

If you have any question, please reach out.

To register please fill this google form :