Rooted in Belonging

Rooted in Belonging
A grief ritual in movement held by Rivi Marcus and Anaïs Tamen

Sunday 23rd of October
Monte Maravilhas 
Sao Martinho das Amoreiras 


In these times calling for authentic ways of being, we wish to tend and nurrish the loving courage to go towards what we know is deeply needed. To give time to grieve, rest, heal, get supported and support.

Our offering to you is to open and hold a safe space to honor our stories and witness each other in the powerful practices of grief and movement. We will do this through Joanna Macys work, Authentic movement, and other Earth-based practices. 

We will travel through our heart’s landscapes and explore the undercurrents of our life, compost what does not serve us any longer, and use it to fertilize and grow our precious gifts to the world. 

All this to reclaim and nourish our own wisdom and what we truly care about, practice staying in our hearts, and embody what we most want to call in.



Reservation necessary via :
Anaïs @openheartsdance
+351 966 486 923
+33782269919 (T/S/W)

or Rivi @Rivimarcus
+17203269290 (T/S/W)

Heart gift :

Sliding scale 30-60€ (adjusted to your financial reality  –  please reach out if you experience financial scarcity) .

The space open 15min before for you to land and we wish to start on time.



I am a community weaver, a land and human tender, a descendant of wise ancestors, a facilitator, and a ritualist.
I came to the sacred landscape of ritual and liberation through my own journey. A journey through ecosystems, listening to people and the land, Joana Macy’s work – to learn and embody what it means to be in right relationship on this planet, in these times. Passionate about food justice, movement, and nature based education

Anaïs :

I am a dance space weaver, opening the field for more dance and movement  in Alentejo since 2017. I love facilitating poetic and transformative journeys through many channels, always rooted in our body wisdom and presence. I am passionate about energy flows and connection to Spirit, through movement, shiatsu, core shamanism and an ancient form of tantra. I offer my gifts as a space holder, channel, poet, bodyworker, birth keeper and mother of 2 children.