live music blindfolded dance journey into softness

subtleties flyer

with Zsofi and Anaïs
Wednesday 19th of October
A Mandorla
Boa Vista dos Pinheiros

Next Wednesday, we are opening again the space for a deep and subtle journey through our inner landscapes, supported by the magic powers of sound and music.

We will explore and activate the main energy centers of our physical body, through voicing, moving and gentle self-touch, and we safely journey into the infinite womb of darkness trough a blindfolded dance journey, remembering our primal instincts of listening and sensing through other channels.

Our wish is to create a safe space for self-exploration and connection to on self, to others, and to the vastness.

We invite receptivity, gentleness, and all colours, all shapes, that our energy wants to explore and embrace in the now.

Looking forwards to feel you in this space.

Reservation necessary via :
Anaïs @openheartsdance
+33 782269919 (T/W/S)
+351 966 486 923
or Zsofi
+36204635220 (T/W)

Heart gift :
Sliding scale 15-25 €
(adjusted to your financial reality)


Zsofi :

I am a massage and dance therapist and a musician. I learnt dance therapy and many different conscious bodywork during the last 17 years. I have been working as a therapist , giving workshops and retreats since 2008 combining traditional tools with intuition and sound therapy. As a musician, beside playing in different bands,  I have been practising the healing aspects of sound the last 10 years by offering sound-journey concerts, sound massages, and learning and working in the Voice Being – Unlearning school with Shai Dayan.

Anaïs :

I am a dance space weaver opening the field for more dance and movement  in Alentejo since 2017. I love facilitating poetic and transformative journeys through many channels, always rooted in our body wisdom and presence. I am passionate about energy flows and connection to Spirit, through movement, shiatsu, core shamanism and ancient form of tantra. I offer my gifts as a space holder, channel, poet, bodyworker, birthkeeper and mother of 2 children.